Welcome to the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) Expo 2024 – an extraordinary opportunity to showcase your cutting-edge robotic research through live demonstrations in Yokohama, Japan!

ICRA Expo introduces a unique platform for researchers and innovators in the field of robotics, where people can see your robotic system in a real world scenario and discuss your research live! This is your chance to shine in the world of robotics with live demonstrations of your robots or robotic systems.

* A full registration (Regular or Advanced) to ICRA is required to carry out your demonstration at ICRA Expo.
* Regular full registration includes submissions for up to two items from these categories: paper, late-breaking submission, ICRA Expo, stand-alone video. Student registration includes one submission of the same categories.

Submission & Eligibility

ICRA Expo is open for all researchers that want to showcase their robots. The requirements for submission are:

  • Authors’ names
  • Affiliation
  • Abstract
  • Short video
  • A PDF File with your abstract, some pictures of the demo environment and a justification for travel support (in case you’re applying for travel support)
  • Robot size
  • Space required (Small, Medium, Large)
  • Paper ID (if any)
  • Whether you are applying for Travel Support (and reasons)
  • Other information

The submission is done via PaperPlaza, and a selection committee will be in charge of choosing the demos to participate in ICRA Expo.


Duration: 3 days (14 May~16 May)

Demo time: Single day, single time-slot in the afternoon (time-slot duration TBD)

ICRA Expo is scheduled to run concurrently with the conference. Mornings will be designated for preparations and test runs. The live demonstrations will take place in the afternoons, each presenter will be allocated a specific time-slot for their demo. The ICRA Expo area might change according to the conference day. For precise details, refer to the conference program.

Location & Equipment

ICRA Expo will take place at Pacifico Yokohama, at the large space connecting the exhibition and competition areas. Each space will be provided with the following equipment:

  • Power plugs (AC 110v, number of plugs and max power TBD).
  • A poster board (A0 Poster sized, in vertical orientation).
  • Tables (1x for Small, 2x for Medium, 3x for large).
  • 2 chairs per table
  • A common workbench with basic tools for repairs and for packing/unpacking.
  • Event provided insurance (personal injury protection, not for robots).

If you have any further requirements for your demo, please make sure to notify us upon submission.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Please be advised that demonstrations at ICRA Expo may be filmed and photographed for promotional and documentation purposes. These visuals may be shared on various platforms, including social media and conference-related materials. If you have any concerns related to privacy, confidentiality, or the filming of your demo, please communicate your preferences to the organizers in advance. We are committed to respecting your concerns and ensuring a collaborative and comfortable environment for all participants.


Demos presented at ICRA EXPO will be listed on InfoVaya, but they will not be indexed in IEEExplore. Presenters will be able to upload their demo video to InfoVaya as well.

  • February 14th, 2024: PaperPlaza will be open for demo submissions.
  • March 21thMarch 14th, 2024: Submission deadline.
  • March 31th, 2024: Acceptance notifications.