Late breaking results poster Instructions

The time, date, and location of your presentation will be available on the InfoVaya Platform, which is being used for the conference app.

Please refer to the table below for your poster presentation dates, time slot and poster board number.

Session Information

The Late Braking Results Poster session will take place in the Exhibition Hall A, which is located on the conference center side of the exhibition hall.

Please have your poster on the board at least 5 minutes before your session. We will provide material with which to attach your poster to the board.

We ask that you are by your poster during your session to discuss your paper with the conference participants.

Volunteers and Event Staff will be available to assist you. Each session lasts 90 minutes and please remove your poster at the end of the session.

Poster Format

You should bring a physical paper poster to display, there are no power supplies or displays for video presentations.

Posters will be presented in a board.

Each section of the pod will have room for a paper poster, and a small shelf on which you can place a laptop, a tablet, or a small demo, if you choose to present more interactive content. Please note that there will is no laptop computer and no power supply available, so make sure your device, if you choose to have one, is fully charged.

The maximum dimension of the poster panel is 37” wide x 82” high (0.95m wide x 2.1m high) though we suggest not exceeding 35” wide x 59” high (0.9m wide x 1.5m high). There is no specific template for the posters. You should choose the format that best represents your research work. Please use the ICRA 2024 logos that can be found here.